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Vanquish and Cellutone

Vanquish ME  is a revolutionary solution for permanent non-invasive fat reduction. It utilizes radio frequency (RF) in an adjustable panel that hovers over the targeted area of unwanted subcutaneous fat while not damaging the skin or surrounding structures. In addition to being painless and non-invasive, Vanquish also has an extremely high satisfaction rate among patients that have undergone the treatment.

  • Vanquish has the ability to treat the largest area of fat in the industry.

  • It will make you look better in clothing by taking off unwanted inches.

  • Unlike surgery, it is comfortable with no anesthesia or downtime.

  • Suitable for males and females; couples often get treatments together.

  • Vanquish has an outstanding safety record with only mild to moderate redness and or swelling for one to 2 hours after treatment

The Science Behind Vanquish 

Vanquish ME by BTL Aesthetics is a nonsurgical body contouring treatment that's FDA-cleared for fat reduction on the abdomen and thighs. It uses radiofrequency energy to gently heat the fat layer below the skin, causing thermal heat damage that disrupts unwanted fat cells, a process called apoptosis. Over the next several weeks and months, your body naturally purges the dead fat cells through the lymphatic system. The elimination of fat cells leads to a decreased thickness of the fat layer in the areas treated.


vanquish hot is cool small_edited.jpg

Vanquish heats the skin to 101 degrees and the underlying fat to 120 degrees in order to destroy fat cells. Because the device destroys the fat cells themselves and not just the fat found inside the cells, results are long lasting. Patients report warmth similar to a heating pad with NO sensations of pain. The treatment takes 45 minutes to complete, and during the treatment it is recommended that the patient stays very well hydrated. For the best results we recommend our patients drink 8-10 glasses of water the day before and the day of the treatment as well as 2 days after the treatment..


Cellutone treatments can help to further disrupt fat cells and reduce cellulite when used immediately following Vanquish Me sessions. Cellutone® is a new state-of-the-art, non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that uses therapeutic vibrations, causing much stronger stimulation and deeper reach. This allows for increased lymphatic drainage and blood supply to the area and subsequent removal of interstitial fluid and waste elimination.

Why Vanquish?

Treatment with Vanquish is intended to “Address Your Core” but there is more!  The treatment panel fits over the abdomen plus flanks to reduce the size of the abdomen and love handles (flanks). However, the panel can also be adjusted to treat the back of the waist to eliminate an unwanted muffin top. Vanquish ME uses RF technology to reduce fat cells and the circumference of the abdomen and/or thighs. We can also target bra-fat. 

What sets Vanquish apart from its competitors is its contactless design, which allows it to treat large areas of the body in one session. Like other body sculpting treatments, it's not a weight loss solution; it's intended to treat stubborn areas of excess fat. Vanquish has a larger applicator than other non-surgical fat removal techniques so it can cover larger surface areas in a shorter amount of time. It can also treat people with a higher BMI than most of the other fat reduction non-surgical technologies.

A typical patient requires four 45-minute sessions 3-4 days apart to achieve their desired goals. If additional fat removal is desired, the patient can undergo two more sessions to remove extra fat.

Each patient is unique; therefore, results may vary.

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