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Body Contouring

Successful Body Contouring

You can improve your body image and increase your level of self-confidence with the latest body contouring techniques.  Jean Chapman, M.D., has researched and studied treatments of all kinds.  She only adopts the most effective treatments.  Dr. Chapman knows that her clients are working professionals who want to have a great look professionally and personally.


Many individuals diet and exercise to remain slim and trim and to maintain a healthy body weight. However, certain areas retain stubborn fatty deposits and resist diet and exercise efforts.  If you have an area of the body that needs attention, there are effective solutions at LaserMed Skin & Vein Clinic in Alpharetta, GA.  Let Dr. Chapman advise you because she is an expert on laser treatments.


Each patient is unique; therefore, results may vary.

It all starts with skin analysis. With Edyta’s advice and guidance, you will see an amazing change in the texture and tone of your skin.  Call us to schedule a facial today and get started with a healthy approach to anti-aging.  Let #atlantasfavbeautydoc [Dr. Jean Chapman] and her talented aesthetician guide the way.  LaserMed is located in Alpharetta and conveniently serves Roswell, Johns Creek, Milton, and Crabapple.

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