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Introducing Metagenics at Laser Med!

We are very excited to now offer Metagenics supplements to support quality health and wellness, the building blocks of healthy skin.  We have selected beneficial supplements and B-12 injections that help provide a whole body holistic approach while building your immune system when used in conjunction with a healthy diet and exercise.


Beauty Starts From Wellness Within

Metagenics uses science-based products by studying the relationship between human nutrition and health and disease patterns.  They deliver quality dietary supplements based on a more natural approach, resulting in a high degree of safety, absorbability, effectiveness, and reliability.  Products are vegetarian and formulated for maximum absorption of ingredients.  To further the quality of their products, Metagenics also requires third-party certification to verify Non-GMO status of 98% of the ingredients used in their formulations! Some of their most popular products are vitamin supplements and other products tailored toward chronic diseases or health aspects such as blood sugar, gastrointestinal health, immunity, bone and joint health, among many others.

Product Selection and Online Ordering

We carry a limited supply of these four basic health support products in our office.

  • PhytoMulti® (PHY) – Takes you beyond basic wellness support. It has a proprietary blend of 13 concentrated extracts and phytonutrients with scientifically tested biological activity to support cellular health and overall wellness

  • D3 Liquid (DLQ) – Features 5,000 IU of vitamin D3 in easy-to-swallow softgels. This bioavailable form of vitamin D is solubilized in oil to support absorption in the intestinal tract.

  • UltraFlora Control (UFCON) – Designed to help support body weight regulation by delivering targeted probiotic support as Bifidobacterium lactis B-420™††† which has been shown to help control body fat and body weight.

  • Immune Active 60C (IMMA60) – Provides high potency vitamin C and zinc and features quercetin, NAC, and EGCG to help support a healthy immune response and promote antioxidant processes.


To access the full line of product options and order online, visit our new Laser Med Metagenics website, which has been crafted to reflect the needs of our patients and make your online ordering experience easy, intuitive, and seamless. When you’re considering something new, it’s imperative you have all the relevant details at your fingertips so you can feel confident in your supplement choice. That’s why our new patient store features easy-to-understand information on the benefits of targeted nutritional support in areas such as personalized nutrition, probiotics, and science-based detox options.


Best of all, the site is easy to use. Just create a username and password and you can order easily and quickly. Simply click on the Products tab at the top of the page and look under the topic that best meets your current health and wellness needs. Whether for focused issues or general nutrition, our online store has what you need for you and your family to stay healthy. You will also get 10% off each month’s order if you set up an auto-recurring order and enjoy FREE shipping! We have a direct ship option, so you can order products and have them shipped directly to your home.  Receive 10% off your first order

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Chapman. If you have any questions about the Metagenics site or the available products, contact our office at 678-990-4900. We’re here to help.

Each patient is unique; therefore, results may vary.

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