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An Age-Defying Beauty Boost

Jean Chapman, M.D. and her staff at LaserMed Skin & Vein Clinic offer eyebrow tinting as one of their many services. Many women consider hair dye a product they could not live without. Hair frames the face and subtracts years. Chances are if your hair is grey, your eyebrows are grey. So if close inspection in the mirror reveals thin, grey, or colorless eyebrows, it’s time to make an appointment at LaserMed for eyebrow tinting. Turning back the calendar with eyebrow tinting allows you to wear less makeup and makes the brows look fuller.  Brow tinting is an art, however.  It’s important for the color to match the skin tones and hair color. We can blend custom colors and even highlight the brows to give you a natural look that compliments your hair, eyes, and skin tone.


Get Rid of Your Eyebrow Pencil

Our products are natural.  There are no harsh chemicals involved. Like hair coloring, brow tinting must be touched up to retain the color.  On the average, clients stop in every month or so for tinting. Throw away those unpredictable pencils and unreliable products.  Let a trusted aesthetician tint your brows and watch the years drop away.

Each patient is unique; therefore, results may vary.

Come to see Dr. Chapman and the staff at LaserMed Skin & Vein Clinic to get this treatment and renew your radiance. If you live in the Alpharetta or Johns Creek area or in the surrounding communities including East Roswell, Roswell, Peachtree Corners, Duluth, Milton, or Dunwoody, make an appointment to see what is new and exciting in the world of skin rejuvenation or vein treatment.

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