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Laser Tattoo Removal

LaserMed has been offering Laser Tattoo Removal for 20 years utilizing Medlite C3 Laser which is a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser using 532 and 1064nm wavelengths to target both black/navy blue/dark green tattoo inks as well Red tone inks. Laser beam of 2-3 mm spot size will cover the shape of the tattoo during each session and the body will clear out the ink from lasered skin over 3-8 weeks. Multiple sessions are required usually to clear out the inks without causing any damage or after effect to the skin. The newer the tattoos are, the more sessions will be needed to clear out the tattoos. Typically icing the skin prior to laser treatment or topical numbing(if requested) will be used to make the procedure comfortable. The procedure takes only minutes. Once enough sessions are performed, the tattoos are usually completely faded for black/navy blue/green or red tattoos but will be more challenging for pastel color tattoos.

Laser Tattoo Removal (4 treatments)_edited.jpg

Each patient is unique; therefore, results may vary.

Dr. Chapman, at LaserMed, recommends Fractora RF to patients seeking the most versatile overall acne scar and similar skin imperfection treatment available. Her office is located in Alpharetta, GA, and conveniently serves the cities of Johns Creek, Roswell, Cumming, and Milton.  Contact us today for a consultation to see what Fractotra RF could do for you.

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